Avant la commande de transport

I am looking for a job, do you need employees?

If you are looking for a job and you have a marketer, commercial or logistician profile, Optimalogistic gives you the opportunity to join a dynamic startup that operates with international standards and norms, send us your CV by email.

What do you do other than renting trucks?

We manage not only the leasing of trucks but also the rental of lifting and handling equipment, construction equipment and also the TIR.

I can not find trucks that fit my criteria. What to do?

Please contact us by email or phone to study your need. You can request our custom VIP service for emergencies.

I need several trucks but I do not know when?

Setting a specific date will help you minimize the cost of transportation in advance to get a good price otherwise you can always access the available network at any time.

How can you help company optimize transportation costs?

From the first mission, you feel the difference between our services and the usual services that you used often. Indeed, you will have access to a cheaper price with optimization of waiting times.

Before you travel